Hi I am trying to deploy a standard Transaction say CN01 to fiori, I configured it in flpd_cust with target mapping and all and gave the roles as well but when i try to use it in fiori it is comming blank. With reference to an existing object The object can be of another object type, and both objects are related. twenty years of experience in the SAP consulting industry, first as an employee of the software firm, and then as a Senior Manager of one of the world's largest system integrators. Its pretty good and easy to understand. Different subject matter experts are responsible for the specific tasks (filling vacant positions, settlement for business partner services, and so on). So even if you incorporate "old" t-codes into the launchpad, they still use the same technology (you could differ between SAP GUI for Windows and SAP GUI for HTML). a container of content that is needed for a specific users or specific business use case. Local flow (only the page a user is working on is locked), Global flow (entire object including subpages is locked). We must have a transaction created with SE93 and translated in SE63. Can you please help me to resolve the issue. # Step 2: Launchpad Designer It can be found at: http://yourServer:yourPort/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/arsrvc_upb_admn/main.html # Step 3: Create a Target Mapping Select one of your Catalogs and create a Target Mapping Application Type: SAPUI5 Fiori App Guidelines. Actually I created my App in SAP WEB IDE and am trying to deploy the application using se38 program in abap server(/ui5/ui5/repository_load). In an organization, who is responsible for creating of these object (I am trying to understand the process, how a developer tackle a situation where there is need to create these objects for an app). Thank you for your response. First of all, thank you so much for your blog. What is an intent: An intent is a unique combination of a semantic object (for example, Purchase Order) and an action (for example, Display) and an optional set of navigation parameters. Semantic colors denote standard value states (such as good, bad, or warning). This app was created automatically based on the template "List Report Application" with using Odata Service + CDS + annotations. On the left menu scroll to the top and select Instances and Subscriptions and open SAP Business Application Studio. You can also use toggle buttons to switch between different states. Will use some of them as an example and also show the option Copy and Paste, which also works. Your project structurehas wrong page references. reference catalog. By clicking Post Your Answer, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. a smaller point: why using /n/ui2/semobj_sap instead of /n/ui2/semobj. Is there any restriction like that? The main difference between these two methods, is that in the first one, everything is created By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. But its maintenance is complex and take much more time. SAP Fiori launchpad is a shell that hosts SAP Fiori apps, and provides the apps with services such as navigation, personalization, embedded support, and application configuration. Once SAP UI5 app has been deployed in SAP Fiori (Front-End) server, we need to do some configurations for accessibility of this app in SAP Fiori Launchpad. With a rich history in SAP system integration, we build modern and innovative customer experience solutions, integrated with your core tech stack. Do we need to use only xml views(not js views) to make it work from Fiori Launchpad? Assuming you are using Semantic Objects for in-place navigation configured in your Launchpad to navigate to UI5 Applications you can navigate from one Application to another using the CrossApplicationNavigation service you already mentioned. Using the semantic page significantly reduces the development effort for app teams, and ensures that the placement of the header and footer content conforms with the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines. I have changed in script in index.html to call Component.js but earlier it was directly calling zsupplier_dwnld.view using below script and working fine from SICF. To enable intent-based navigation, you must associate a semantic object. Or is there a specific reason I am not seeing? For naming examples, see Creating an object or itemin the UI text guidelines. On SAP Fiori Launchpad, navigation to tiles is done via "intents". Can I control that via groups or is there a direct connection between target mappings and PFCG Roles? Developed multiple drill-down Interactive ALV Reports & IDA . Technical Catalogs delivered by SAP have the prefix starting with. Change title name as per custom text. SAP Best Practices - Lawrence One PFCG Role for SAPUI5 Application, which includes: To create PFCG roles go to t-code PFCG -> Enter Role name -> click on button Single Role, Go to Tab Menu -> click on end point of button Transaction -> select Authorization Default ->. e.g. Using the (Model Provider Class ) MPC Odata class for the local annotation models that are developed on the SAP Odata using SEGW . They allow you to refer to objects in a standardized way, abstracting from concrete implementations of these objects. Of course, both can also be the case in the same navigation. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Do not remove or disable actionswithin theheader title when it is collapsed. - Strong in UI5 and JavaScript. I would like talk about Fiori launch pad configuration on EHP 7 only for PM on Fiori. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. First Verify that the standard Transaction Me42 is SAP GUI for HTML. Next to that the responsive behavior depends on the behavior of the contentbeing displayed. Site design / logo 2023 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. The semantic page is recommended as the basic layout for freestyle applications. copy. In theblog, its like something below: However, in you project structure, you are doing something like: Hope, above helps you understand the issue. Assign the App-role to user-id via which you are try to access the FLP. Please let me know if you need any further details. The users should have assigned to this PFCG roles. i put the application alias in all uppercase, as found in LPD_CUST. You could also view this information on your SAP system if you enter the table name /SCWM/ORDIM_O or data type KIT_CREA into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE11 or SE80 etc. This is how it works for me: The steps are valid, but so wrong in this context. Could you please help me to resolve the same. . Adding a custom library as a dependency in SAP Fiori, Make SAPUI5 app work on outdated Fiori Launchpad, How to create a sap fiori launchpad, not custom or config app to lanunchpad, FIORI/UI5 Extension to standard NewsFeed application is not considered at the first call, Loading External JS in SAP Fiori all pages. thanks for the effort of putting this together! Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! . Hands on knowledge on ITSM tools JIRA, SNOW Work with external partners, functional team for troubleshooting ABAP objects, problems and resolution. The author should fix his blog to avoid issues for others reading it. Next step is to create semantic Object for Me42 using Tcode /n/UI2/SEMOBJ. To visualize the tile, navigate to the user tab, enter the user ID and click save. If anyone encounteredthisand resolved or has a work around please advise. How to Deploy SAPUI5 App to SAP Fiori Launchpad in 20 minutes? Enter Title, Subtitle, Semantic Object, Action in Tile and save it. For more information, see Configuring External . Note : Lets say - Manage Products ==> Z_BSP_NAME, Currently displays Z_BSP_NAME instead of Application Title., Kindly advice where i missed, When launching the Application from the LPD , could see still my BSP application name , instead of App Title. Now all files have been generated. compared to the second method. Would the reflected sun's radiation melt ice in LEO? For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. under folder 'view', page JS/JS (Design/Controller) 'App' resides, which directs to XML/JS page 'Master' and so on. Search the business catalog and click on the add button to add the tile. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Eclipse or WebIDE), above is mandatory. It's very nice and well explained in a easy manner. Layouts and Floorplans Layouts Semantic Page. b. SAP Fiori Elements and Freestyle Applications Get the step-by-step instructions you need to create list reports, overview pages, analytical list pages, and freestyle applications. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. You can use the mass editpatternin all flows. Semantic Object: Represents a business entity such as a customer, a sales order, or a product. SAPUI5 - apps based on SAPUI5 are often called Fiori apps (as you did), SAP GUI - there are many apps that use SAP GUI for HTML (so not all apps/transactions adhere to the principles, but you can use SAP Screen Personas, so they adhere more to the principles and guidelines). In this case, use a, Layout actions nevermove into the overflow and are always last in the. Go back to Catalog section on the chrome portal and choose the second tiles facet to create a new tile using Create Tile option at bottom. Please re-visit your UI5 app w.r.t. For more information, seePartial Edit,Complex Objects Local FlowandComplex Objects Global Flow. Please remove empty space, you can not add space in ID. Industry-specific colors reflect the color conventions in a line of business or industry. It makes use of different technologies and as long as the outcome adheres to the "guidelines" of the design system, it could be called a Fiori app. Your feedback is anonymous, so you won't receive a reply. Launchpad role and specific Alias combination will be referred in Target Mapping of Catalog configuration to link one SAP-UI5 application. I have a similar problem can help me the version of fiori is 1.0, I execute the project where I use the created destination. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Step 2. If there are no mandatory fields in edit mode, set the focus on the first editable element or first action. Details of Packages created are listed below: To create an existing T-Code to an App, it is a good practice to determine the, It gives the desired Information which can be used to obtain the value of, Beside MCXA, we will also create few more custom Apps, listed below with description and the associated, To create an existing T-code to an App we need to create the intent which is Semantic Object and action. I am using following URL in the tile currently to achieve this but I believe there must be a way to create a target mapping for this as well. PTIJ Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence? If you see page 'zsupplier_dwnld.view.js' & ''zsupplier_dwnld.controller.js', here reference not given proper, it should be like below, which is 'ProjectName -> folderViewName -> PageView', Here, I suggest, you should be handling view as XML/JavaScript i.e. The toolbar follows the standardtoolbar overflowguidelines, and adds buttons to theoverflow menufrom right to left. Then mapping between launchpad and application. # Step 1: Semantic Object Open SAP transaction /UI2/SEMOBJ and create a new Semantic Object and save. It is database agnostic, with native support to SAP HANA and SQLite, serving HTTP requests out-of-the-box based on the OData v4 protocol by combining SAP . In group name you have kept Tech-Name and title both as Z_BSP_NAME. In short, the semantic page has the following elements: The controls semantics determine whether content specified in the control appears in the header toolbarorfooter toolbar. I am trying to understand that what a developer should do if there is need to create one for either t-code or WebDynpro app. Please fin ethe screen shot below for detailed error. How does a fan in a turbofan engine suck air in? Add a Comment Alert Moderator Assigned Tags SAP Fiori SAP Fiori Cloud sap fiori configuration Similar Questions 1 Answer Sort by: Vote up 2 Vote down ibrahim ztekin To summarize: When a user clicks a tile in their launchpad, the intent (including optional parameters) navigates to the app and opens it. Open the Fiori Launchpad designer, search the technical catalog and swipe down to create a Enter Application Alias Name (Any name you can fallow). Backend application descriptors and replicate them to the Frontend Technical Catalog. Like the header content, the page contentis also not specified by the semantic page. In case of both the MPC Extension scenario and CDS annotation scenario use the below process to add the custom Application : Now in the Fiori Launch Pad Designer use the below target mapping configuration to design the custom apps . If there are any parameters required make sure the parameters are also configured . let's say I created one catalogue for all relevant apps for a certain scenario. (Keep the Task ID as blank, system will generate standard Task ID which we can copy to create our own custom task) Create an Activity. They allow you to refer to objects in a standardized way, abstracting from concrete implementations of these objects. Wann Lee Tan, when emphasizing on the critical role, security plays in today's mission-critical SAP Fiori Mobile . Now go the transaction /UI2/FLPD_CUST and create a tile with the same Semantic Object and Name. How did StorageTek STC 4305 use backing HDDs? Can we somehow call the "Object Type=Document" from Fiori Launchpad using Target Mapping? @UI.lineItem: [ { position: 10, label: 'Document Number'}, {type: #FOR_INTENT_BASED_NAVIGATION, semanticObjectAction: 'display'}] key DocumentNo. Do not remove or disable actionswithin the. Jordan's line about intimate parties in The Great Gatsby? Create new Tile either Static or Dynamic. automatically in the reference. An object canconsist ofonlyonepage or severalnestedpages: For the create flow, seeSimple Objects (Create, Edit). The project lead is responsible for managing the overall project. Next suppose you want to show other apps (say lats 4 apps from same catalog), then again create a different 'Group', add required 'Tiles' and create a new PFCG role add this 'Group' and same Catalog. How to develop a hybrid Fiori application and launch it on Fiori custom client? If you want the user to select one option from a small group, offer a segmented button in the . I am using using Apple JDK11 with Bigsur OS and eclipse :2019-12 . Uncheck the None (Local Object) checkbox, and then choose the customizing request from The optional header content is not defined in the semantic page andcan be populated according to the use case. In the second method, the technical catalog has too much content but sometime we need to SCRIPT5022: failed to load 'zsupplier/Component.js' from resources/zsupplier/Component.js: 404 - Resource could not be found! Is there a proper earth ground point in this switch box? Enter Custom Semantic object, Semantic Object name and description and Save. What are some tools or methods I can purchase to trace a water leak? I also deployed by UI5 application into Frontend Gateway Fiori system and able to run successfully from SICF node test run(see attached). So for some transactions your approach is valid (like the mentioned security transactions) - so thanks again for the good explanation! Any idea what i missed. Enter the role name ZS_FI_PAYE2 and click on single role. ZFI_PAY2 as indicated in the preceding method. For more information, seePartial Edit. Now to create new Custom Business Catalog use the T-code for Fiori Application Manager T-Code: Create a new Technical Catalog by clicking the option, The final screen looks like this, make sure, Whatever field is updated or add in the above screen gets populated in the, Now following shows up in the below screen, It shows at the bottom of the screen a message is displayed showing, If there is any error, it will show up here, This is the minimum information needed for, You can download the information by clicking option , We have now created a Technical with only one Custom, After creating Technical Catalog, we need to create, Business Catalogs delivered by SAP starting with the prefix, Now to create new Custom Business Catalog use the T-code for, At the bottom of the screen a message is displayed showing, At the bottom of the screen a message is displayed showing >>, The above screen shows where the Tile belongs to in the bottom screen, These Objects will show up when we create the custom role via PFCG, In the above screen we can maintain and Define Organization level, here we maintain, The above screen shows all the objects maintained in, Now create a test user and assign the role created and check if the, Log in as test user by using T-code: /N/UI2/FLP, The App shows up along with the Catalog name, The App works and has the same output screen as SAP T-Code, Select the same transport created earlier and click, Add new Semantic Objects created to the Technical Catalog, Here you can use search term or use Technical catalog where the SAP GUI resides, Click at the bottom of the screen a message is displayed showing, Here the App is missing Target Application Tiles, which can be added, The Purchase Order App has now been added, Everything in the above screen in required order, All data was successfully saved message is displayed at bottom of the screen showing, Business Catalog update is done in /N/UI2/FLPCM_CUST, Bottom of the screen it shows tiles added message is displayed, Now perform the check by Clicking as shown below, All OData services are green, meaning they are activated, Hope you like my blog, appreciate your feedback, For more information visit following blogs. In Technical Catalog we can maintain other Apps like below: The primary purpose of a Technical Catalog is the reuse of Apps. I don't know how to deal with it. group. As we know it is being used in the SAP CA-UI2 (SAP UI for Decoupled Innovations in CA) component which is coming under CA module (Cross Application) ./UI2/SEMOBJ_SAP is a transaction code used for Define Semantic Object - SAP in SAP. Clash between mismath's \C and babel with russian. above blogs reference. Now login SAP Fiori Launchpad using this user-id, we get access of UI5 app tile. Once Group get added, we can assign multiple tiles from different catalogs. The title (sap.m.Title) and subtitle (sap.m.Text) on the left truncate in collapsed mode to save vertical spaceand wrap in expanded mode to offer the full text. It seems i am able to navigate well from index.html to Component.js but some issue in Component.js and zsupplier_dwnld.view. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Create a group ZBG_FI_PAY2 as we did in the first method. Launching the CI/CD and R Collectives and community editing features for SAP Fiori Launchpad - System News style popup, SAP Fiori Company Logo in Fiori-Launchpad, How to access SAP Fiori Launchpad with SAP Fiori Client (internal URL), Translate Sap Fiori launchpad tile number unit. This can either be a combined title and subtitle or a longer wrapping title. Do not mix them. Once above activities gets completed our roles looks like as below: Go to Tab Menu -> click on end point of button Transaction -> select SAP Fiori Tile Catalog ->, Go to Tab Menu -> click on end point of button SAP Fiori Tile Catalog -> select SAP Fiori Tile Group, Note: here Transaction button get replaced by SAP Fiori Tile Catalog because last selection was of catalog, If UI5 App is using Custom OData Service, then add R3TR IWSG & IWSV accessibility also, Go to Tab Menu -> click on end point of button SAP Fiori Tile Group -> select Authorization Default ->, Suppose one user-id DILIPP needs to access our test app, then we need to assign PFCG role to this user-id, In SAP-fFori server, Go to t-code SU01 ->Tab roles -> add roles. The sales order items are listed on the main page, and the details of each item are managed on subpages. Done. Should I include the MIT licence of a library which I use from a CDN? Thanks. This also goes for Extention and adaption Projects. I have an issue opening my custom app in Fiori launchpad. Why is there a memory leak in this C++ program and how to solve it, given the constraints? request). nd edit actions, but has no display option. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Tasks & Responsibilities: Development of drill down ALV Reports (with pop-up & Email functionality), Smart Forms, BAPIs, Enhancements, Tables, Structures, Table Types, Data Elements, CDS Views, IDA-ALVs etc. 11. Can you please help. to your custom app, just re-verify each of below things step-by-step: If, above not helping you to get the root cause, then, while running app, press 'F12' and get console log and try to understand it, you can also let us know. F12 error screen shot of my UI5 application explained in above comment. Please fill out the form to send us your feedback. How can the smart links be implemented using different Annotation possibilities : Navigation to a single Custom application, There are two ways to navigate to a single custom or standard application. Now, Run the Fiori Designer using below link: If existing Custom catalog is available, then use the same else create new custom catalog as per business requirement, We created custom Catalog as ZCAT_PURCHASING_APPS, Click on Plus button, to add one more Tile for Me42 and then select App Launcher static. Please see below screen shots. This is not the latest version of this document; to access the latest version, click here.here. 4hana sap blogs. Pre-requisites: Two transport request (TR) required: To Include Launchpad role in transport request, follow steps as below, open Launchpad Role from t-code LD_CUST > go to Menu Launchpad-> click on Transport, http://:/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/arsrvc_upb_admn/main.html, To add a Catalog, in Catalog section click on plus + icon, Enter Catalog Id and title in pop-up window, Now once catalog gets added, we can see it left panel, now next we need to add a Tile. I created my App in SAP WEB IDE and am trying to deploy the application on abap server using WEB IDE only. available in display mode can differ from the, all sales order items on the main page, and a selected item is managed on a subpage), You can display the object and its pages in either a full screen layout or a flexible column layout. table /UI2/V_ALIASCAT using the transaction SM30. Assign the catalog and the group name, created in the previous step, to the role. Many sectionsare display only, such as company information, salary, andemployment contract details. 12. Also check out the example ABAP code to select data contained in this field along with useful hints, tips and screen shots specific to this SAP table field. Next, create a new catalog by clicking + : Select the standard catalog, enter the title, the ID and click save. For customized apps accessibility in Fiori Launchpad page, one user-id will be assigned two PFCG Roles, which are: One PFCG Role for Fiori Launchpad accessibility, which includes below default services acces, Note: Post activation/registration of above standard services, they get renamed with Z prefix. Click on the New Create New Application which requires below details: It does not bring me the data of the service when I test the application in sap. Each branch of the tree ends in a node, and each node contains objects. Enhancing the application by creating the UI and presenting data fetched from an SAP backend. Enter in the catalog, the technical catalog name ZTC_FI_PAY2 and the alias S4FICA and separate some applications from users. Key information(middle area, left aligned)stays as long as possiblebefore it moves into the overflow. I am trying to Configure Custom UI5 App to FIORI Launchpad am getting below error. If you dont want the entire object to be locked when one user is editing. catalog and Launchpad group. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. The presentation of the features is scenario oriented, . Effort Estimation & Requirement gathering on Logistics and finance Overall good background and skill set in SAP Technology solutions and has worked on the development or support of SAP ABAP . What did I skip? Saves data on each page separately (main page and subpages), using the footer toolbar. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Use the button types as follows: Use simple buttons for specific actions, such as: . First Verify that the standard Transaction Me42 is SAP GUI for HTML. In order to re-start the dev space open the dev space manager, click the Play icon, and click the dev space. If a user is responsible for the complete object. I think I have an issue with my UI5 application itself after adding the component.js. In it you will find information concerning the best practices specific to SAP that will help guide you and your team towards success. I hope you must have resolved this by now. where a step-by-step guide to creating and running the feature's object is available. Ackermann Function without Recursion or Stack. While configuring in FLP, inside tile's Target-Mapping, if you can select option 'SAP Fiori App using LPD_CUST' ->Then below details in "Launchpad Role" / "FLP's Target Mapping input" / "UI5 App namings" should be in sync: Additonal Information: SAPUI5.Component=ztest_app, AndFLP's Target Mapping input Alias =Test_App01. Semantic Objects are created by Using T-Code: /N/UI2/SEMOBJ_SAP Click the >>Change >> icon option Click >> Continue Click >> Continue Click >> New Entries We are going to use the following table below to create and define some of the desired Semantic Objects Enter the detail as shown below: Click the option >> Save Overall, it is recommendnot to show more than 2 lines of text in collapsed mode to avoid a disproportionate header height, especially on mobile devices, when no summary line is used. I'm still picking some topics, the project where I'm working nowadays is still Business Suite. Create business catalog : Open the Fiori Launchpad designer using the transaction /N/UI2/FLPD_CUST or by To create a target mapping, you define the intent, the navigation target, the device types suppported by the target, and additional parameters in the SAP Fiori launchpad designer. Fill these fields: the semantic object , the semantic action , the application type ,
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